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"Just want to say that practice was awesome last night. (My son) was so happy, got in the truck and said he loved practice and that it was the hardest practice he has ever had in any sport. He talked to me almost the entire way home which was very enjoyable. He was so pumped up he was chatting my ear off! Not taking away from any other coach or practice but you really did keep those boys moving the entire time. No long lines of waiting for your turn...I was very impressed! I have heard coaches say that they run practices the way you did but I have never seen it actually happen."


"Improving your lacrosse game is the main reason you join a lacrosse program. Power Play will do that and so much more!  It is a program built on good sportsmanship, respect and team work. You won't find any egos from players or coaches, on or off the field! You will find players and coaches encouraging and pushing each other to be the best team they can be. Always striving to win. Always having fun. You will find parents who become fast friends. Everyone comes together as a family, believing in the Power Play program 100%. Traveling to tournaments isn't a burden, it's a vacation! The Power Play family has so much fun hanging out at the fields under the fully stocked tents, going to dinner together after a long day of lax, hitting the hotel pool for a swim, or socializing in the hotel lobby (parents and coaches remain even after the players have gone to bed). Once the tournaments are over you will still find the Power Play family hanging out together. You will find the parents sitting together as their children play against each other for their school teams in the spring. You will find the coaches, players and parents driving across town to cheer their Power Play teammates on as they play a football, soccer or hockey game. You will even find players who have graduated coming back to help coach, hang out at practices, camps or winter leagues...happy to be with their Power Play family again. It doesn't matter where you live or what school you go to, you will find your "home" with Power Play."


"My son has now been involved with Power Play for two years. He loves everything about the club-great teammates, an excellent coaching staff and good opportunities to play quality competition at tournaments. Cam is an exceptional coach and leader of young men, teaching them about sportsmanship and how to conduct themselves on and off the field to represent the club in a positive way. All of the coaching staff follows this philosophy. As an educator, I find that component especially important in choosing a program in which I want my son to learn and grow."


"Power Play lacrosse has taken my son to the next level of lacrosse.  He has had experiences and made friends that will be with him a lifetime.  Best decision we have ever made."


"We have attended the summer camp in DeWitt for the last 3 years. Our first experience with summer tournament teams was last year. The coaches were great. The team learned a lot and had fun!"


"Power Play is a great lacrosse program! I have 2 boys who have been with the program since it was founded in 2010. They have tried other local programs for camps and skill development. They have played for several different school youth and HS coaches, but they have gained the most knowledge (and had the most fun) with Power Play. The way the Power Play coaches interact with their players, the way they teach them is amazing! The relationship is built on mutual respect! The young, energetic, yet experienced coaching staff is what the players love. They come back craving more each day/week/year. The coaches meet this challenge by continually learning themselves, through the professional and college teams they play for. They bring this new (relevant to today's game) knowledge back to the players. The coaches also look at each individual player, finding their strengths and weaknesses. They will showcase their strengths while continually improving their weaknesses, making them a more versatile player. The coaches are also available to their players 365 days a year for whatever they need, on or off the field. They encourage year round communication, always growing their coach/player relationship."  


“Our son has been involved with Power Play Lacrosse for over two years now. I have never seen our son be so committed to a particular task or program and this is a direct reflection of the staff. The expectations and lessons learned surrounding sportsmanship, individual character and academics are invaluable as these young boys go through adolescence. The commitment and dedication of the staff are key to the success of the program. Through all of this, our son has grown tremendously in his character, his individual relationships with other players and staff, as well as tremendous strides in his athletic skills. The overall program has been extremely positive for our son and great experience for his parents as well.”


"When my son went to his first Power Play Camp we were instantly pleased.  The knowledge, enthusiasm and reliability of the coaches was impressive, but more so was the way the coaches handled the athletes. They motivated the players to work hard, set goals, rely on their team mates and be accountable at school and personally - all at one 3-day camp.  When Power Play held their inaugural try outs for the U13 team my son played on his first year - there weren't enough players to create a team. I was worried at first, knowing how much my son not only wanted to play lacrosse, but how much he wanted to play lacrosse for Coach Holding in particular. I asked him if he would want to try out somewhere else - just to be sure he had somewhere to play in case Power Play wasn't able to secure enough athletes.  His response was immediate - "No, I'm not going to play for anyone except Power Play. I trust Cam and they will get enough players. Don't worry about it, Mom." He was right. He played for Power Play that first summer and has continued to do so for three years.  His improvement on the field has been significant, but I also greatly appreciate the accountability for personal behavior and academics that Power Play creates within their athletes. The Power Play coaches have continued to impress us and are certainly the reason we stay here despite the many travel options available to us now." 


"What is special and unique about Power Play for me are the families involved. I don't travel the country just because my son loves lacrosse. I travel the country because I truly look forward to seeing the people in the club. I enjoy every weekend trip. Sometimes I think the tournaments are as much fun for me as they are my son."